Iraq and Middle East Links

Unit 5: North Africa and Southwest Asia

Unit 5: North Africa and Southwest Asia - Online game, quiz and resources
Mysteries of the Nile/Explore Ancient Egypt - PBS/NOVA Online Adventure
Pyramids: The Inside Story - PBS/NOVA
Egypt: Secrets of an Ancient World - National Geographic Kids
Daily Life in Ancient Egypt Quiz - National Geographic Kids
Ancient Egypt - Includes pyramids, pharaohs, queens, and more
Egypt - interactive resources
Wild and Wacky Egyptian Journal - National Geographic World, try it!
King Tut's Treasures - National Geographic Explorer, game
Mummy Maker - BBC, game
Ancient Egypt Timeline - BBC History
Ancient Egyptian Numbers - Try it!
Arabic Numerals - Try it!
Hieroglyphic Name Translator - Write your name in hieroglyphics!
Mummy Maze - Egyptian Fun Game! - Book your afterlife now! game
Virtual Egypt - Heiroglyphic translator, see your name in heiroglyphics
Egypt Games - Gamequarium
African Studies Center
Rethinking Schools - Middle East Map Quiz - online, interactive
Traveler IQ Challenge - Africa online quiz
Traveler IQ Challenge - Asia online quiz
Shell Oil Energy Education Games and Info
Darfur Is Dying - Help stop the crisis in Darfur
NationMaster - Pakistan - facts and figures
NationMaster - Afghanistan - facts and figures

Three Cups of Tea - official webpage
Pennies for Peace - making a positive impact on a global scale, one penny at a time.