Unit 1 Study Guide

Unit 1: Introduction to World Cultures and Geography

Unit 1: Introduction to World Cultures and Geography - Resources and online quiz
National Weather Service/Global Climate Data & Maps - maps showing precipitation and temperatures
World Mapper - the world as you've never seen it before
TinyURL - makes long URLs shorter
Librarian's Internet Index - websites you can trust
xtimeline - Easily create and share timelines with pictures and videos. Check out the many great timelines available.
Arounder - 360 degree panoramas of many cities give a vivid sense of what a city is like
Prezi - "Create astonishing presentations live and on the web"
Glogster EDU - Poster yourself! "A revolution in the Creative Expression of Knowledge and Skills!"
Conflict History - interactive timeline of every war ever fought
A Brief History of Time Zones - interactive globe
100 Incredible & Educational Virtual Tours
Wanderlust - Interactive map of history's greatest journeys
The World of Seven Billion - Cool maps of where and how we live, by National Geographic.

Country Research Sites:
CIA - World Factbook - information on geography, the people, government, economy, and transportation
World Atlas - maps, flags, and geography facts
National Geographic MapMachine - Satellite, street maps and more
Atlapedia - full color physical and political maps as well as facts and statistics on countries of the world
BBC News/Country Profile - profiles provide a guide to history, politics, economic background, etc.
Infonation Basic/United Nations Cyber School Bus - view and compare country data using parameters that you set
Citation Machine - remember to choose MLA formatting
BibMe - another citation creator
Time and Date - easy time zone conversion tool
Forvo - words of the world pronounced
Big Mac Index - international Big Mac prices
Project Big Mac - What can the Big Mac tell us about the world economy?
Currency Converter - convert the United States Dollar to see how much the USD is worth in another country
World Language Map - interactive, learn how our world languages evolved and listen to natives speaking, very cool!
UNESCO - World Heritage List by country
All National Anthems - To see (hear) the national anthems, find the country on the map and click on the orange pointer
Boolify - helps you understand your web search by visually demonstrating the logic of your search
eyePlorer - graphical knowledge engine, very cool
Geography at the Movies - free video resources
How to do Research - Step by step process for students of all ages
Study Tips for Students - Google study and research tips
Factbites - different kind of search engine
WolframAlpha - detailed search engine and computation site
YoLink - Move from searching to finding. Save time and improve research skills in the classroom. Requires a free download.

Image Search Sites:
Flyr - search Flicker for geotagged images
Yahoo Image Search - creative commons option license filter allows you to simply and quickly find images
Photos8 - Thousands of free, high quality images, easy to search
Pics4Learning - copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students
Food Flags - Can you guess what country the flag is representing?
School Lunches from Around the World - See what kids around the world eat for lunch
More School Lunches Around the World

Games and Quizzes:
Cultural Awareness Quizzes - test your level of cultural awareness
Cluesify - Can you guess "where in the world" from the clues?
Borrowing Game - interactive game, try to see how many words you can match with the country of origin
Where is that? - map games with various levels and two player options
Geography Word Puzzles - vocabulary puzzles
World Continents Quizzes - lots of geography games
Map Games and Puzzles - check them out
GeoGames - leveled geography games
Test Your Geography Knowledge - Check it out!
Free Rice Countries of the World - earn rice for the poor
Free Rice Capitals of the World - earn rice for the poor
Free Poverty - see how many cups of water you can donate by testing your knowledge of world geography
States and Capitals Quiz

Wikipedia Project Sites:

Official Website of the City of Des Peres, M
St. Louis County, MO - Des Peres, MO
Des Peres, MO - Detailed profile
Des Peres, MO - Local information, resources and data
Des Peres, MO - Community profile
Money Magazine - Des Peres, MO
Des Peres, MO - City/Town Info
Des Peres, MO - History
Neighborhoods - History
Geography of St. Louis
Village Profile - Includes Des Peres
Ahner's Garden & Gifts - Historical Background
Kirkwood & Webster Times
Missouri History Museum
Missouri Historical Society - Many links