The Geographer’s WorldChapter 2 Study Guide - Test on Wednesday, September 10
Define the following terms:

1. absolute location - is the exact spot on the earth where a place can be found.
2. latitude -lines that run parallel to the equator and measure distance north and south and run east and west.
3. longitude - lines that run between the north and south pole and measure distance east and west of the prime meridian.
4. relative location - the location of one place in relation to other places.
5. cartographer - mapmaker.
6. thematic map - focus on one specific idea or theme.
7. map projection - the different ways of showing earths curved surface on a flat map.
8. migrate - to move from one area to settle in another.
9. nautical map - a chart used by pilots and sailors to guide them through the air and water.
10. push factors - Poverty, overcrowding, lack of jobs and schooling, prejudice, war, and political oppression.
11. pull factors - higher standered of living, employment and educational opportunites, rights, freedom, peace, and safety.
12. adaptation - adjusting to a different place and its surrounding.
13. natural regions - unique combination of plant and animal life and climate.
14. reference map - shows human-made and natural features.

Section 1 The Five Themes of Geography

15. What system do geographers use to determine absolute location? They use longitude and latitude.
16. How is relative location different from absolute location? Absolute location uses latitude and longitude and relative location is relation to a place.
17. What are some of the natural barriers that made migration difficult in the past? some natural barriers are mountain ranges, canyons,animals,and raging rivers can make migration difficult.

Section 2 The Geographer’s Tools

18. Why is a globe an accurate representation of the world? Because the globe is round like the Earth there is less distortion.
19. Why would a pilot use a nautical map? To find his/her way through water and/or air.
20. How has modern technology helped cartography? Newer technology can make it easier and faster. Modern technology helps cartographers be more accurate.
21. Why do most modern cartographers prefer the Robinson projection to the Mercator projection? Its shows a fairer and more accurate picture of the Earth.

  • Be able to read a World Political Map using latitude and longitude.
  • Practice reading charts and graphs like those on page 49.

Essay question: If you were planning to migrate from where you live now to another state, city, or country, which theme of geography would be most important for you to study in deciding where to go?

Include the following:
- one of the five themes of geography - reasons for migration

- discuss at least four pull factors you would consider

(Practice restating the question in your answer!)
You can brainstorm essay ideas together here!

Movement - to know what plant, animals, and ideas are there.
Region - to know th ephysical and human characteristics.
Place - what is it like? is it crowed or is there a lot of open space? how is the climate? what languges do they speak?
Human Environment interaction - to know how to depend on, adapt to, and modify the world around you.
Location - where the place is located.