6B Chapters 22-25 Study Guide (Experiment - Student taught chapters)

Please add only two BIG idea questions from your chapter/section.

Chapter 22/Section 1
1. What is military dictatorship?
a government ruled by a person in the military
2. How are the governments of Thailand and the Philippines different?
Thailand is a constitutional monarchy and Philippines are a republic

Chapter 22/Section 2
1. Where do the majority of the people in Southeast Asia live?
The majority (3/4) of the people in Southeast Asia live in rural areas.
2. What are the three most common religions in Southeast Asia?
Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism

Chapter 23/Section 1
1. There are three types of islands that exist in the Pacific. What are they?
continental islands, high oceanic islands, and low oceanic islands
2. Describe the Ring of Fire.
It is a belt of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean where most of the world's earthquakes and volcanoes occur.

Chapter 23/Section 2
1. Name three important inventions from China.
porcelain, paper, gunpowder, compass silk, and new system of writing
2. Why did the Chinese try to keep their process for making silk a secret?
They wanted to dominate the market and receive the profits.

Chapter 23/Section 3
1. What services did the samurai provide and to whom?
a Japanese warrior who pledged to serve a particular lord and protect his estate from bandits and thieves.
2. What is Zen Buddhism? Describe characteristics.
The belief that you can reach enlightenment without long years of study. A person must focus intensely to understand certain concepts called koans (KOHahnz).

Chapter 24/Section 4
1. What led the Chinese government to place restrictions on family size?
The Chinese government restricted family size to limit population growth.
2. How has the government affected religion and art in China and North Korea?
Artistic freedom has been repressed. In China, writers and artists had to reflect Communist ideals. In North Korea, the government controls the work of artists and discourages religious practices.

Chapter 25/Section 1
1. What kind of government does New Zealand have?
parliamentary constitution monarchy
2. Who were Australia's first inhabitants?
Australia's first inhabitants migrated there from Southeast Asia and their descendents are called Aborigines.

Chapter 25/Section 2
1. How do Australia and New Zealand cooperate economically?
They signed a free trade agreement in 1983 to boost the trade between them.
2. Name 2 cash crops that are important to the economy of Australia.
Wheat and sugar cane