Chapters 8 & 9 Study Guide

Unit 3: Latin America

Unit 3: Latin America - Online game, quiz and resources
South America Geography Game - Online quiz
Central America Geography Game - Online quiz
Secret of the Maya Glyphs - Online game by National Geographic Kids/Amazing Travel Bureau
Day of the Dead Info - MexOnline
Mighty Maya Game - National Geographic Explorer!
Penguin Parade Game - National Geographic Explorer!
Pirates! Game - National Geographic Kids
The Panama Canal - Learn all about the Panama Canal
Mariachi Radio - Listen!
Disaster Watch - Help villagers in Nicaragua survive floods, earthquakes and food shortages!
Ayiti - The Cost of Life - Can you help the Guinard family to make ends meet and get ahead in their poverty-stricken homeland, Haiti?
Traveler IQ Challenge - Latin America online quiz
Geoquiz South America - online game
Geoquiz Central America - online game
Geoquiz Carribean - online game
South & Central America - try the games in the 'countries' column

ABC News - Fidel Castro Tells Cuba He will Step Down

BBC News - Castro Steps Down as Cuban Leader

New York Times - Fidel Castro Resigns as Cuba's President

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