Unit 2: The United States and Canada

Unit 2: The United States and Canada - Online game, quiz and resources
About Canada - easy-to-navigate site with lots of information
Provinces and Territories | Canada Site - links to the official government websites of Canada's provinces and territories
Canadian Travel Resources - lots of resources (Thanks to Caitlyn S. for this great resource!)
Canada e-Book - uses sound, images, tables, graphs to look at Canada
Teaching & Learning About Canada - scroll down and find a chart organized history, visuals, and government
Cajun and Creole Culture - various links
Ben's Guide to U. S. Government - Branches of Government
Canada - interactive resources
Atlas of the Real World - nations of the world by their demographic importance on a range of topics
INS Citizenship Test - How did you do?
Canada Geography Game - Online quiz
United States Geography Game - Online quiz
Traveler IQ Challenge - United States online quiz
Traveler IQ Challenge - North America online quiz
Traveler IQ Challenge - Canada online quiz
Citation Machine - remember to use MLA formatting
Canada Geography - try the 'Provinces' column